…and why are there NGOs? The society is not enough!

A study of the public opinion on homelessness in Gothenburg

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Title ’…and why are there NGOs? The society is not enough! – a Study of The Public Opinion on Homelessness in Gothenburg’ Author Malin Håkansson Assigner Göteborgs Stad, Sociala Resursförvaltningen (City of Gothenburg, Department of Social Services) Course (One year‐) Master Thesis in Media‐ and Communication Studies, Department of Journalism and communication, University of Gothenburg Semester Spring semester of 2011 Tutor Monica Löfgren Nilsson Number of pages 47 Purpose To examine the public opinion and the role of the media in the public opinion on homelessness among the citizens of Gothenburg Method Focus groups Material Results from conversations about homelessness in four different focus groups Main results The subject of homelessness appears to be somewhat of a non‐issue to the participants. They think it is important and have a lot of opinions regarding the situation, but at the same time it does not seem to be an issue that they consider in their everyday lives. Regarding definitions of homelessness, the participants mention two different ones: the more spontaneous definition includes people living on the streets (often referred to as drug addicts and alcoholics) and the second one includes people who have a place to stay but they do not have an address of their own. There are also two main views on the work that is being performed on homelessness: That very little is being done and more or less only by NGOs or that quite a lot is being done by the municipality but not enough. It is also mentioned by several participants that they do not know much about the municipal work and more information would be appreciated.

Malin Håkansson
MKV, MKV-Magisteruppsats , vt11
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