Gäng, makt och media

En kvalitativ innehållsanalys av medierapporteringen om Biskopsgården och skjutningen på Vårväderstorget 2015

Title: Gangs, power and the media – a qualitative analysis of the portrayal of
Biskopsgården and the double homicide on Vårväderstorget in 2015
Authors: Lina Isaksson & David Helander
Subject: Undergraduate research paper in journalism studies, Dept. of journalism, media and communication (JMG), University of Gothenburg
Semester: Autumn 2016
Supervisor: Gabriella Sandstig, University of Gothenburg
Purpose: Examining and construing themes and subjects in the media portrayal of Biskopsgården, a so-called ’concrete suburb’ in Gothenburg, Sweden; examining the portrayal of a double homicide at a restaurant in the neighbourhood in 2015.
Method: Qualitative text analysis
Procedure: Examination of articles in Swedish daily newspaper Göteborgs-posten from three different calendar years. In-depth analysis of newspaper articles from same newspaper concerning the double homicide.
Results: Our results broadly correspond with what prior research has found:
Biskopsgården is portrayed with few nuances as an unsafe and violent area, riddled with gangs; and at odds with society in general. The portrayal of the double homicide contains traces of prejudiced views of the area, implying that it is a violent and unsafe area where these kinds of things happen. The actors in the articles were not portrayed in an particularly stereotypical way.
Keywords: million programme, framing, post-colonialism, Göteborgs-posten,

Lina Isaksson och David Helander
Journalist, Journalistikgranskning , ht16
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