En studie av medias rapportering av Israel/Palestinakonflikten under hösten 2015 och våren 2016

Title: Knivintifadan
Authors: Micael Thernström, Jakob Norén Eriksson och Eskil Blohmé
Subject: Undergraduate research paper in journalism studies, Dept. of journalism, media and communication (JMG) Gothenburg University
Term: Spring 2016
Supervisor: Jenny Wiik, JMG, Gothenburg University
Pages/words: 52 pages/17 952 words
Main purpose: To investigate whether changes in foreign policy affects the reporting of foreign news by comparing the reporting of the current violence in the israelipalestinian conflict, often referred to as the knife intifada, with the reporting prior to the recognition
of Palesitnian sovereignty made by the swedish government in 2014.
Method: Quantitative and qualitative text analysis
Procedure: A theory based analysis of the swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter and the american newpaper The New York Times where the results was compared with the results of a prior study which analysed the reporting done by the same newspapers
during the Gazawar 2014.
Results: There are indications that Dagens nyheter have a more palestinian perspective than what they had during the Gaza war. Though the structure of the conflict today compared to the Gaza war limit the ensurance of any definite conclusions.
Key words: Israel, Palestina, intifada, Hamas, Gaza, Västbanken, Jerusalem

Micael Thernström, Jakob Norén Eriksson och Eskil Blohmé
Journalist, Journalistikgranskning , vt16
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