- Ett magasin om varför det är så få kvinnor som syns i sportrapporteringen

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The purpose of the investigation: Kontring wanted to investigate why so few women are visible in Swedish media sports coverage. Before we started our investigation we had a feeling that women not in any way were as represented as men. We wanted to investigate how it actually was. Our question at issue was ”what does media sports coverage look like from a gender perspective”? We also wanted to know who is made visible, how many male and female sports journalists there is, and if gender makes any difference to the coverage itself. Sports is a traditionally male territory and, what we believe, an area that falls behind if you compare it with other subject areas in journalism. We wanted to see if that assumption was true, and if so, find out why.

Cathrine Hofbauer,Josefine Frej,Goldie Lind
Journalist, Journalistikgranskning , ht09
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