Kvinnliga journalister i Kurdistan

Erfarenheter och taktiker i en mansdominerad värld

This study focuses on Kurdish female journalists’ experiences and tactics in a male- dominated world. The study uses gender (concept) and doxa (field theory) to analyze the experiences and tactics that Kurdish female journalists use to navigate their professional practice. In the study, qualitative method is used in the form of semi-structured interviews. Ten Kurdish female journalists that worked for different tv-stations and newspaper were interviewed. The study resulted in six different themes that describe respondents’ experiences and tactics: The impact of digitalization, challenges, reporting of hard and soft news, glass roofs, and unwritten rules. Many of the results confirmed previous research regarding the challenges and tactics, but there were also differences. For example, the respondents reported no wage of discrimination. Moreover, they did not report that Kurdish female journalists would use freelancing as a tactic to navigate the male dominated world.

Leah Esmaiel
Journalist, Journalistikgranskning , ht19
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