Mediebilden av Backa

- och mediernas bild av bilden

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We live in a segregated world. Power, money and hierarchies determine your circumstances in life as well as your ability to appear in and take advantage of the media. Research reports have for decades described how the media is part of creating a discourse that produces and reproduces a stereotypical image of the suburb and its inhabitants. From the first images of the suburb as the ”modern otherness” in the 1960s, we are today facing the description of socially and economically troubled neighbourhoods as synonymous with a fuzzy concept of immigrants and an unspecified threat against ”us”. Through choice of words and organization of texts we create an ”us” and ”them” – we, who are inside, in the center, we who are the norm and included, in contrast to the other, who is frightened, different and outside.

Elinor Ahlqvist, Isa Andersson
Journalist, Journalistikgranskning , ht11
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