- en studie i svenska mediers rapportering av katastroferna i Haiti och Pakistan

Semesterstängt? – Swedish media´s reporting on the earthquake in Haiti and floods in Pakistan. This paper aims to examine how Swedish media reported on the two major catastrophes occurring in 2010, the earthquake in Haiti and the floods in Pakistan. Haiti was covered by world media in a much larger extent than the catastrophe in Pakistan, even though more than 6 times as many people were affected by the floods. At the same time, the Swedish people donated five times more money to the earthquake in Haiti. Our aim was to examine how Swedish media reported on the two catastrophes and why they gave the earthquake in Haiti more attention. We also wanted to know how the editorial staff reasoned when the two catastrophes occurred, and how the Swedish people have experienced the reporting.

Victor Friberg,Louise Lindell,Johanna Rudbäck
Journalist, Journalistikgranskning , ht10
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