Spårade Belindas kamp ur?

En kvalitativ studie av feminismen i SVT:s serie Fittstim - Min kamp

The purpose of this paper is, based on theories of framing, genre and feminist ideologies, to study how feminism is portrayed in the Swedish television-show “Fittstim – Min kamp”. The paper contains three research questions. 1. How does the form of the tv-show affect the framing of feminism? 2. Which different parts of feminism are visible in the tv-show? 3. Who is representing feminism in the tv-show? Our perspectives are based on three theoretical assumptions – (1) Media contributes to construct the images of reality we experience through its different priorities. – (2) Conventions are central to the message a genre provides to its audience. – (3) Feminism is not a monolithic movement, but a collection of many different ideologies. To be able to map out how feminism is portrayed we have used an ideology critical method. Our conclusions are as follows: ● The show is a combination of the documentary genre and fiction. Therefor it is not always obvious if the information presented are facts or opinions. ● Feminism is framed as a large but divided movement, rather than presenting many movements and ideologies within feminism. ● Feminism is only represented by women in the tv-show. ● Feminists are portrayed as hateful and judging in the tv-show. ● The relationship between feminists and men seems complicated. Men are portrayed as on one hand the enemy and on the other hand as subdued by the feminists.

Fanny Astner, Johanna Lundberg
Journalist, Journalistikgranskning , vt14
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