Sporterna som syns

En kvantitativ studie av innehållet på tre lokaltidningars sportsidor

In this study, our purpose has been to investigate whether Swedish local newspapers allow some sports more space than others in the sports pages. We also wanted to see whether the distribution of different sports in newspapers sports pages have changed over time. We also wanted to investigate the extent to which men and woman appear in the local newspapers sports pages. For this end, we have used a quantitative content analysis. We proceeded by coding 1 408 articles from three different local newspapers sports pages. To see whether the distribution of various sports in the sports pages changed over time, we have also compared our results to another study, which conducted a study on the same magazines nine years earlier. Our results were analyzed from a hegemony perspective, agenda-setting and a news value theory. Our results show that soccer and ice hockey are clearly the most exposed sports in the sports pages. In a comparison with the previous study, it also appears that soccer and ice hockey increased its exposure in the newspapers over time. The most common topic that is written about in the sports pages is league matches followed by international competitions. The result also shows that a majority of articles takes place locally, followed by nationally and finally internationally. A man is clearly the most prominent main character in the articles as well as the pictures. There is also a clear majority of men who writes the articles.

Andreas Bryngelsson, Emilia Johansson, Shaun Wiseman
Journalist, Journalistikgranskning , vt14
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