En kvalitativ studie som utreder hur och varför Sveriges
Generation Z använder Tiktok.

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Executive summary
We are constantly online in this new digital world, always reachable through numeral devises and plattforms. For older generations there has taken some time to adjust, but for one generation this constant connectivity is as normal as breathing. Generation Z – or Gen Z as they are also called – are the ones born between 1997 to 2012, which means they have grown up after the birth of internet not knowing life without it. Studies show that Swedish Gen Z uses social mediaplattforms everyday, and the new audiovisual plattform Tiktok are to prefer. Though research on Tiktok has been done for the last two years – especially uses and gratifications of Tiktok – none has been made with the Swedish perspective.

The purpose of this study is to get a better understanding of how and why generation Z in Sweden uses Tiktok. To fulfill the purpose the study will answer the two following research questions; how do generation Z in Sweden motivate their uses of Tiktok and why do Generation Z
in Sweden use Tiktok. The chosen method was a qualitative interview study, both a group interview and seven individual interviews were conducted on youths between the ages 15 to 19 years old in Stockholm and Gothenburg, Sweden. The result was then analyzed through the lens of uses and gratifications theory and the MAIN-model for newer media.

The result showed that a total of 18 gratification were identified to how and why generation Z in Sweden uses Tiktok. Uses and gratifications theory identified 8 of the gratifications on how generation Z in Sweden motivates their uses of Tiktok; entertainment, boredom, pass time,
information-seeking, being updated, belonging, social interaktion and archiving. All are in line with what previous uses and gratifications studies have found. To answer the second question – why do Generation Z in Sweden use Tiktok – the MAIN-model for new media were used. To see what technological affordances motivates the users to choose Tiktok out of all the existing social media platforms. MAIN identified 10 motivations connected to Tiktoks technological
affordances; realism, coolness, agency enhancement, community-building, bandwagon, filtering/ tailoring, activity dynamic control, variety-seeking and play/fun.  Out of all the gratifications six were more prominent and distinguished Tiktok from other social media-plattforms, according to the respondents; entertainment, boredom, pass time, realism, filtering/tailoring and play/fun.

The aim of the study was to identify generation Z gratifications for using Tiktok, by doing that we get a better understanding of the plattform and the generation who is the main target group for it and thereby fulfill the purpose of the study. Through the empirical data further questions
were raised concerning different cultures influence on uses of media and also cyberbullying, which seems to be a product of generation Z online world. Both themes were discussed and examples for further studies concerning Tiktoks affordances and content were lifted.

Emelie Lindberg
MKV, Examensarbete , ht22
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