”Varför går man inte hårdare fram?”

En studie i krigsorienterad journalistik inom svensk public service.

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Title: ”Varför går man inte hårdare fram? – En studie i krigsorienterad journalistik av Public Service från Ukrainakonflikten” Authors: Cemil Arikan, Staffan Florén Sandberg and Karl Henrik Olsson Subject: Undergraduate research paper in journalism studies, Dept. of journalism, media and communication (JMG) Gothenburg University Term: Spring 2014 Supervisor: Mathias Färdigh, JMG, Gothenburg University Pages/words: 48 pages/16701 words Purpose: The main purpose of the paper was to examine if and to what extent the conflict coverage of two Swedish public service news programmes from the ongoing Ukrainian conflict could be said to orientate towards either war or peace journalism. Method: Quantitative and qualitative content analysis Procedure: News broadcasts from Rapport 19:30 and Dagens Eko kvart-i-fem, covering the Ukrainian conflict, over a period of two months, were analyzed from the normative perspective of Johan Galtung’s peace journalism theory and Wilhelm Kempf’s theory of war and peace discourse. Results: Both Rapport and Dagens Eko were found orientating towards war journalism. Reports were given, in a great extent, to events of violence and verbal threats. The conflict was largely conceptualized and constructed as a competitive struggle between Russia on the one side and Ukraine with its western allies on the other.

Cemil Arakan, Staffan Florén Sandberg, Karl Henrik Olsson
Journalist, Journalistikgranskning , vt14
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