Att attrahera nya målgrupper med planerad kommunikation

Hur ekonom- och ingejörsstudenter kan bli Volvo It:s framtida medarbetare

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Title ”Att attrahera nya målgrupper med planerad kommunikation” Author Magnus Ejerhed, Anna Johansson and Caroline Jägersvärd Course Bachelor thesis in Media and communication studies Semester Spring semester 2008 Tutor Britt Börjesson University the University of Gothenburg Aim the aim of the study is to describe students attitudes to Volvo IT as an employer. How can Volvo IT improve their communication to students? Method A quantitative approach Material A questionnaire which has been given to 122 students in economics at Handelshögskolan in Gothenburg and Industrial economics at Chalmers University of technology Main results The main results of the study are that most of the students in economics and industrial economy are positive to work as management consults. They also have an optimistic attitude to work as intern management consults in a large company. The students don’t regard Volvo IT as a possible future employer; neither do they have a good knowledge of the organization. Conclusions It is very likely that the students don’t regard Volvo IT as a potential employer because they don’t think of Volvo IT as an organization in management consulting. Volvo IT has to make their management consulting, Fortos Management Consulting, more visible if they are going to make the students more interested of them as an organization in management consulting. They have to inform their target group what new competences they are looking for. If Volvo IT are going to communicate more efficiently in order to make themselves more appealing as a possible future employer they need to communicate there students are most likely to see them.

Magnus Ejerhed Anna Johansson Caroline Jägersvärd
MKV, Examensarbete , vt08
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