The purpose of the project is to investigate possible changes in the Swedish evening press and their way of reporting. In this case we have chosen the two biggest evening newspapers Aftonbladet och Expressen. To do so we choose to look at two of Sweden´s most media covered events in later years, the infamous ”Lasermannen”. Lasermannen or John Ausonius acted during the years 1991-92 in Stockholm. He became an almost mythical person that injured ten people and killed one person before the police arrested him. The other case is similar in many ways to that of Lasermannen but took place in Malmö. In 2010 a single offender, in media called ”Malmöskytten”, shoots a number of people based on their ethnical origin.

Peter Ivanov,Petter Jerdén,Henrik Kjellberg
Journalist, Journalistikgranskning , vt11
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