- en studie av affären Littorin

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The aim of this study is to reflect the discussion about and the ethical reasoning surrounding difficult publicistic decisions. This is done on the basis of a study of the media event that occurred when the Swedish minister for employment, Sven Otto Littorin, resigned from his post in July 2010. A resignation surrounded by peculiar circumstances. Later on the resignation and the media event following it was dubbed ”the Littorin affaire”. The Littorin affaire pinpointed a number of ethical matters: What approach does one take when there is only one sole, anonymous source? How does one treat a person that refuses to give a comment? To which extent is someone a public person? Where do we draw the line between private and public? Overlaying it all is the question of differing between public interest and ”the public´s interest”. Our purpose was to examine how editors and other people in charge of publicistic decisions think about such questions and what the outcome might be.

Anders Hovne,Christoffer Malm,Sara Rönnberg
Journalist, Journalistikgranskning , ht10
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