En jämförande analys av Linköpings-, Sveriges lantbruks- och Örebro universitets studieinformation

Abstract Title A comparing analysis of the information efforts for student recruitment between Linköping University and The Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences and Örebro University. Author Annsofie Lund Course Graduate studies in Media and Communication Science, spring -99 Purpose To compare the three universities central information efforts for student recruitment and to see if these efforts lead to a better recruitment. Framing of the problem · How do the profile and image look like at the three universities? · How do the universities information efforts for student recruitment look like? · Have any changes occurred over time in the universities information efforts for student recruitment? · Can any parallels be drawn between the recruitment efforts and the number of first-hand choice applicants at each university respectively? Method Qualitative interview and material analysis. Material Interviews with key persons at the universities information departments. Theoretical as well as empirical research regarding applicable information issues, such as internal information articles and external research both academic and professional, has been used. Conclusion Profile and image are important factors that can determine the success of the universities efforts for student recruitment. Profile and image must be in accordance with each other and be maintained continuously. The universities have strategically planned recruitment campaigns, which contains several similar elements. They all use course- and programme catalogues, exhibitions, open house invitations and upper secondary school missioning to attract new students. Linköping University concentrate on its educational catalogue. SLU applies a three-step recruitment strategy that takes the target groups knowledge of the university into consideration. They also emphasise personal meetings. Örebro University use the course and program catalogue as their main product but I think that what makes them special is their videos. It has not been any big changes generally in the recruitment efforts. The numbers of applicants increased in 1997, which can be derived from the increase resources spend on recruitment efforts in 1996. Key-words persuasion, profile, image, recruitment of students

Annsofie Lund
MKV, MKV-Magisteruppsats , vt99
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