Förändringar i utrymme och innehåll på kultursidorna i svensk press 1990-2009

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The purpose of the project is to study whether, and how, the increase of articles concerning entertainment and popular culture has decreased the number of articles concerning more classical culture journalism. The hypothesis is that the increase is an effect of the papers trying to broadening its audience by giving it a more easily accessible material which, in the light of news value theories, could be a sign of commercialization. Narrowed down to simple questions the articles try to investigate: How many articles in the newspapers is concerning culture today compared to 20 years ago? What is the relation between articles concerning entertainment and articles about culture? Are there changes in the way culture is presented today compared to 20 years ago? If any, what is the reason for these changes (in content/or in number of articles and space given?) And: How do these changes fit in with the theories of commercialization?

Stephan Drenzel,Christian Ström
Journalist, Journalistikgranskning , vt10
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