A qualitative media analysis of the case of Barcelona between 2016 and 2020

thumbnail of V22, MS56, Adria Sanches Azan

Purpose: The goal of this dissertation is to contribute to the framing studies by looking at the
discussion about overtourism in Barcelona over a period of intense media attention (2016-2020). It also aims to complement the few previous studies on overtourism discourses by providing the first situated account of the debate. As a still recent and under-researched issue, it presents good opportunity to look at the processes of strategic
framing involved in configuring the issue.

Theory: Framing theory, social constructionism, strategic framing, overtourism literature

Method: A qualitative content analysis over a sample of regional news articles was combined with the methodological implications of the constructionist approach to reconstruct the main frames in an inductive way.

Result: Three main frames were found —stranger in one’s own home, Devil’s bargain and Law and Order—, each of them endorsed by one of the principal actors in the debate. Framing coalitions and contests were found, providing some evidence of strategic framing. The results challenged several insights presented in studies of the overtourism
debate in international forums, suggesting that a situated perspective was indispensable to grasp the issue.

Adrià Sanchez Aran
MKV, Masteruppsats , vt22
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