Från saga till verklighet

En fallstudie av hur Lindex värderingsprojekt har uppfattats av de butiksanställda, samt förslag till hur företaget kan arbeta vidare med värderingarna i framtiden.

ABSTRACT Author: Amie Almström Title: From Fiction to Reality – An evaluation of how Lindex’s shop assistants perceived the corporate programme aiming to implement and strengthen Lindex’s core values, which resulted in recommendations on how the company can progress in its future endeavour. Main objective: The main objective of this thesis was to evaluate Lindex’s corporate programme, as well as to make recommendations on how Lindex could progress in its future endeavour. Methodology: Qualitative research has been conducted to obtain an in-depth knowledge and understanding of shop assistants’ perceptions and thoughts regarding Lindex’s corporate programme. In total, eight qualitative interviews were carried out in four different shops. All findings were later presented and interpreted according to a hermeneutical manner. Accordingly, all recommendations made in this thesis are drawn from the findings. Conclusions: This thesis has focussed on three dimensions: Organisational communications Corporate culture Organisational identity Throughout the thesis these dimensions were applied, hence its thematic presentation of results and interpretations. Each dimension was accurately presented and interpreted, followed by appropriate and valid recommendations. The overall conclusions, justified by the findings, shed light on the shop assistants’ needs of enhanced appreciation of their work, solidarity as well as more time. These three aspects are perceived as crucial in the context of implementing and strengthening Lindex’s core values. In addition to recommendations made in relation to these issues, the thesis has also elaborated on other proposals worthwhile for Lindex’s future endeavour to strengthen the corporate culture.

Amie Almström
MKV, Examensarbete , vt06
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