Modellen av en människa

en kvalitativ studie om genusrepresentationen i Modellpojkar och Modellflickor

In our study, we have examined the presentation of gender in the Swedish programs Modellpojkar and Modellflickor. Reality documentary programs about swedish models, produced for Swedish Public Service. Our theoretical point of departure was gender theory found in the literature by Anja Hirdman and Raewyn Connell. They presented the term gender as a non-biological take on how we as men and women are expected to act in different situations in life. We have also compared the material with Maria Nikolajeva’s theories about stereotypes and other research material regarding gender presentation in media and commercials in general. We approached the material using qualitative method. To increase empirical validity we used both a textual analysis and a semiotical analysis. The textual analysis was used to examine the dialogue and how the models spoke about their private life, profession and body ideal et cetera. The semiotical analysis was used when watching five photo sessions in order to discover gender presentation in a visual context. The result showed us that gender is reproduced in terms of body ideal much due to current demands in model industry. At the same time, the boundaries of gender roles are somewhat being modified

Sofie Einarsson och Viktor Strömberg
Journalist, Journalistikgranskning , vt15
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