“Det är högt i tak, så länge man kryper”

En kvantitativ studie om public service-journalister och sociala medier

The aim of this study is to examine how journalists in public service relate to objectivity and neutrality in their private social media. With respect to the requirements from the organization that the journalists should see themselves as a part of the organization and always try to maintain its credibility. We choose this theme primarily because the relevance of the subject. Social media is growing fast and there is a fine line between being personal and transparent and at the same time maintain the credibility of the organization by being objective and neutral. For journalists it can be a struggle to preserve a good balance between these requirements. We start our analysis primarily in theories about the ideal of objectivity and the social- and work identity. Out of these theories and our framing of the question we formed a survey that we sent to journalists at the six biggest Sveriges Radio and Sveriges Television newsrooms in Sweden. Our results show that the journalists tend to keep up with the ideal of objectivity and neutrality of the profession not only in duty, but also in their private life in social media. Partly because of the strict policies that public service have formulated for the journalists to follow and partly because of the results of our survey.

Carolin Gadallah, Emilia Halling och Jennifer Johansson
Journalist, Journalistikgranskning , ht15
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