Publicering till varje pris?

En kvalitativ intervjustudie om journalisters attityder gällande hot

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Title: Publish at all costs? – A qualitative study of journalists´ attitudes regarding threats The purpose of this study is to chart attitudes regarding threats against journalists active in Sweden. The main question is: What is the attitude amongst journalists actively working in Sweden regarding threats directed against them during the course of their work? The qualitative study is based on interviews with five Swedish journalists that in one way or another have been exposed to threats as a result of their profession. The analysis is based on coping theories, taken from L. Englund´s (2008) thesis ”Katastrofens öga, en studie av journalisters arbete på olycksplats”. The analyze method is a thematic analysis, based on P. Burnard´s (2008) model. One of the most interesting results is that four of the five journalists in this survey claim that they have clear boundaries on when they would refrain from publishing because of threats. In the discussion the authors raise the question whether this can be seen as a threat against freedom of speech and in the long run also a threat to the democratic fundamentals of the Swedish society.

Mattias Bolin,Hanna Bolmsjö
Journalist, Journalistikgranskning , vt12
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