En studie av yttrandefrihet och pressfrihet i Turkiet, med fokus på kurdiska journalisters upplevelser

QWX: The purpose of this paper is to analyse how Kurdish and Turkish journalists and media representatives perceive the media climate in Turkey and how it has developed over the last ten years, focusing on the situation for Kurdish media and journalists. The paper includes theory of media and democracy, focusing on the role of freedom of expression and press freedom in a democracy. Other theories of importance for this paper are framing and media and identity. 25 qualitative semi-structured in-depth interviews with journalists and media representatives have been carried out between March 10th and April 6th 2010. Complementary interviews have been carried out with other media representatives, human rights activists and researchers.

Karin Bromander,Emmylou Tuvhag
Journalist, Journalistikgranskning , vt10
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