Räddad av experten.

En undersökning om hur hälsomagasin konstruerar risker

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Purpose: To examine how risks are created in connection with the construction of ideals in articles about weight. And to see which role the expert is provided? Questions: – What kind of ideals do MåBra and ToppHälsa construct? – What does the one who does not achieve the ideals risk, according to the messages in the text? – In what ways are risks constructed? – Which role is the expert given in the construction of risks? – What kind of people is emphasized as experts in MåBra and ToppHälsa. References: We have based our study on the theories of Ulrick Beck and Anthony Giddens. They believe that we live in a risk-society, where we need the experts to guide us. These theories are relevant to us since we wanted to see how risks are created in health magazines. And in what ways they use experts to legitimate their message. As Beck and Giddens we believe that risks are something that is socially created, and the importance of media is not insignificant

Alexandra Lindelöf,Maria Hyllengren
Journalist, Journalistikgranskning , ht11
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