”Sanningen måste fram”

En intervjustudie om behovet av alternativa medier

Purpose: The main purpose of the study is to examine why people seek out to alternative media, and what information and needs they can’t get satisfied from the traditional medias in Sweden.

Method: Qualitative interviews with readers of the alternative media Samnytt.

Procedure: Ten interviews with readers of Samnytt were transcribed and analyzed using uses and gratifications theory and hostile media phenomenon.

Results: The results of this study show that readers of alternative media find the traditional medias reporting as inadequate and are therefore seeking to alternative media. The feeling the readers have is that the big media companies in Sweden are obscuring the truth. The readers feel the urge to read their news with an alternative agenda that does not obscure their view of Swedish society. The freedom of the press and speech is something that the readers feel is threatened since the traditional medias won’t write about all aspects of for example a crime or society in general. The reason for traditional medias to not omit details in their reporting is according to the readers of alternative media, that they have a political agenda to stand by, which summarily is why alternative media is needed in society.

Ellinor Persson och William Frendin
Journalist, Journalistikgranskning , ht21
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