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En studie som undersöker representation bland sommarvärdarna
i public service-programmet Sommar i P1 under 20 års tid.

This thesis aims to map participants in the public service program “Sommar i P1”. This is based on a representation perspective of which the following five factors: gender, age, ethnicity, geographical location and profession are central. Thus, the study intends to examine what representation looks like in the program. Furthermore, the study also means to research changes over time, of which the years are 2001, 2006, 2011, 2016 and 2021.

Study is based on representation theories by Jostein Gripsrud and Stuart Hall who believe that the media should represent all groups in society. In the absence of representation, stereotypes and constructed opinions about reality are created. Theorists therefore emphasize the importance of fair and varied reporting and portrayal of which particular groups and aspects are more vulnerable than others.

Method of choice is used with a deductive approach, in the form of a quantitative content analysis. Thereto the thesis uses statistical design which collects a large amount of information from analysis units – 291 hosts are coded according to 26 variables.

Results show that the representation in “Sommar i P1” in general is deficient. In summary, the
study shows that people aged 36-65, as well as people born, raised and living in a big city,
dominate the range of hosts. Also the majority of hosts work in either culture, media and design
industries and if one looks at the perspective of gender, women and men are equally represented. Furthermore it is noticed that the results within gender and profession are consequent over time, this unlike age where the mean value for women is increasing. Due to missing values within place of birth, upbringing and geographical location, changes can not be defined.

Isabella Alfonsi och Julia Hansson
Journalist, Journalistikgranskning , ht21
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