Som Bron, fast på riktigt

En studie av personuppgiftspublicering i svensk och dansk press
och den kriminaljournalistiska genren i Ubåtsfallet

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Abstract The aim of this study is to compare the differences in the publication of personal information in Ubåtsfallet between Swedish and Danish press. Furthermore we want to study differences between the publication of personal information in morning papers and tabloid regarding Ubåtsfallet. We also wish to examine which selection of people and aspects themes that constitutes the reporting. The method used in this study is content analysis. The material consists of articles from two Swedish and two Danish newspapers during a 30 day period. The aim is to examine the frequency of published personal information and to look at the narrative technique regarding the crime journalism. The conclusions drawn are that Swedish and Danish media are quite similar regarding this issue but that the Swedish media are more prone to publishing personal information regarding the suspected perpetrator and victim than their Danish counterparts. Furthermore we see that the suspected perpetrator and the police are the selection of people that are mentioned most frequently. The criminal investigation and the search work are the most prominent themes in the study.

Danielle Delbro och Hanna Juliusson
Journalist, Journalistikgranskning , ht17
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