Vem ska betala för kompetensen?

En kartläggning av Publicistklubben och Svenska journalistförbundets stipendiater mellan 1999-2013

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This study has focused on the scholarships given by the two organizations Publicistklubben and Svenska journalistförbundet between 1999-2013. What type of journalism do they support and in which way? The media sector and the labour market for journalists have undergone dramatic changes since the mid-90s. The media companies have reduced their staff and more people are becoming freelances. It’s a shifting landscape and one of the aims for the study is to understand what role this two associations has taken and will take in the future. We found that women were getting almost 60% of the scholarships and 60% of the total sum but that some subjects are still gender marked. The study also showed that nearly 60% of the scholarships are given for university courses, internships and education.

Matilda Carlström
Journalist, Journalistikgranskning , ht15
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