Att tårta en politiker

Hot mot demokratin eller bara lite vaniljvisp i örat?

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Title: Att tårta en politiker – hot mot demokratin eller bara lite vaniljvisp i örat? Number of pages: 35 Authors: Maja Larsson & Josefin Wetterberg Tutor: Marina Ghersetti Course: Journalistikgranskning Period: Fall 2013 University: University of Gothenburg, Dept. of journalism, media and communication Purpose/aim: Our main purpose with this study is to examine and describe the reporting of two similar events, two pieings of well-known politicians in Sweden. The first incident, took place the 17th of April 2001, whereas the second pieing is more recent, 5th November 2013. We aim to understand the differences between these two with knowledge of the political climate in Sweden, but also by journalistic and scientific tools, such as framing theory and CDA. Material/Method: In order to fulfill the purpose of this study we have chosen to use a qualitative method of content analyzes, the critical discourse analyzes, combined with framing theory. Our material constitutes of 34 articles from the four major national newspapers we have chosen to analyze. Main results: Our study shows that the two incidents, the pieings of two well-known politicians, were framed and described in very different ways. Our conclusion is that they were put in different contexts because of changes in Sweden’s social climate.

Maja Larsson och Josefin Wetterberg
Journalist, Journalistikgranskning , ht13
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