Complex Communicative Challenges

Internal communication and the role of the managers at Volvo Information Technology

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Title Complex Communicative Challenges – Internal Communication and the role of the managers at Volvo Information Technology Authors Maja Dizdar & Hanne Johansson Course Final thesis in Science of Media and Communications. (Examensarbeteete i Medie- och kommunikationsvetenskap) The Department of Journalism and Mass Communication, University of Gothenburg Semester Spring semester 2008 Tutor Bengt Johansson Number of pages 62 Aim The aim of this study is to identify factors that might affect the managers’ ability to communicate in order to explain why there is an overall impression that important information does not reach everyone intended at Volvo IT. Method Quantitative method, survey study based on a web survey. Material Results from 234 web surveys that were sent to all 398 managers at Volvo IT. Main results The main results of this study show that the majority of the respondents are well aware of their communicative responsibility and the important preconditions for effective communication. The results also show that managers need more knowledge and guidelines in order to achieve effective communication that will reach everyone intended. Conclusions The problems that Volvo IT faces with communication are common in complex and international corporations. Managers need better training in communication due to their educational backgrounds and the way they were recruited to the corporation. There is also a need to implement the communication policy in order for managers and employees to use it as a guide for their communicative responsibilities. With different measures and improvements managers at Volvo IT would have the preconditions that are needed for effective and successful communication

Maja Dizdar Hanne Johansson
MKV, Examensarbete , vt08
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