Connecting the Dots – Intertextuality and Narrative in LazyTown

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Title: Connecting the Dots – Intertextuality and Narrative in LazyTown Author: Daniel Jonsson Tutor: Marie Grusell Course: Media and Communication Studies Advanced Level Period: Spring 2010 Summary: The aim of this study is to analyze the intertextual and narrative components of the children’s TV-program LazyTown. This show has become very successful internationally, making it a rewarding subject for this sort of study, as well as the importance that intertextuality plays in the media today. From the previous research included in this analysis it becomes clear that genre plays a big role when conducting a qualitative analysis such as this one, and that one must always keep the intended target audience in mind. Characterization is the part of narrative theory that are in focus in this study. Resultwise it became apparent that there are few specific intertextual allusions, instead the intertextuality lies in the thematic broad strokes; for example what a single episode is about. The characters of LazyTown are defined as various stereotypes; such as the hero, villain, disciple and so on.

Daniel Jonsson
MKV, MKV-Magisteruppsats , vt10
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