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En kvalitativ studie om framgångsrik marknadsföring via sociala medier

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Title: ”Content _ Contact _ Cash”- En kvalitativ studie om framgångsrik marknadsföring via sociala medier Authors: Andreas Hadzikostas and Helli Shahidi Assigner: Newsroom Course: Degree thesis in Bachelor of Media and communication at the faculty of Journalism and mass communication at University of Gothenburg, Sweden Semester: Spring semester, 2010 Tutor: Ingela Wadbring Pages: 49, including two enclosures Purpose: To elucidate which factors are significant for successful marketing via the social media. Method: Expert interviews, Informative interviews and content analysis Material: Interviews with Lena Carlsson at Kreafon PR agency, Peter Baeza at IHM Business School, Eva and Kalle Bodestig at Mandel, Lena Ekman at Saltå kvarn and Rick Short at Indium Corporation. Main result: This study has resulted in both comprehensive and concrete proposals for how Newsroom should work and market themselves, but mainly their customers via the social media tools such as Facebook and blogs. In order for companies to be successful with their marketing, they ought to build a strong, personal and enduring relationship with their customers by being attentive of their target group. The main purpose of the social media is to encourage individuals to interact and conduct dialogue with the participants rather than focusing entirely on one way communication. Furthermore, in order for a company, regardless of size, to be successful in building a healthy relationship with their costumers, they ought to show compassion for their feelings and needs, as well as providing them with as much information as possible, via all of the selected social media tools to work with. Hence, any company can win its costumers’ trust and reinforce its trademark. If customers are seen and heard, as well as provided with exceptional service, they will become loyal to the companies. This way, any company can maintain a strong and long term relationship with its customers. However, in order to do so, it is essential that a true, responsible and trustworthy image of the company is displayed. Being legible with the fact that a company in question desires to build a strong relationship and what type of relationship they want to build with their customers and fans, are undoubtedly important, as well as commitment and regular activity in form of responding, giving feedback and constant updating of news via the different social media sites. In a business world full of competition and rivalry, even in the world of social media, one must not forget that a quick response and continuous feedback are considered valuable to the customers. It is quite simple; no response leads to total loss of interest. In order to reach success, one needs to have clear goals and an appropriate strategy. Handling criticism in a professional and non provocative way is also a very important part of the job in any company. One can never shut his eyes for any negativity and hope it will pass, because in most cases it will not. One has to approach it, understand it, discuss it and try to resolve and overcome it.

Andreas Hadzikostas Helli Shahidi
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