Digitalisering och nyhetsvärdering

This bachelor dissertation is a quantitative comparative study of the effects of digitalization on journalism in Swedish quality press and tabloid press. We have studied specifically whether the difference between the Swedish quality press and tabloid press is the same regardless of the publishing platform, comparing paper and desktop. We have been studying the front pages of Sweden’s biggest quality press newspaper Dagens Nyheter and the biggest tabloid press newspaper Aftonbladet, with a main focus on the kind of subjects presented in different newspapers and how they are presented. We have analysed in total 842 articles and front page teasers over the course of one week roughly a month prior to this publication. Our main results line up with earlier studies which bear some resemblance to our own in that the differences between both newspapers in print are quite small, but that there seems to be even less of a difference between the online versions. From looking at the top news stories the differences we can see is mostly in the form of presentation and not so much in the news room’s subject choices.

Jonas de Lange och Mattias Reis
Journalist, Journalistikgranskning , vt15
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