Hur nyheter uppdateras och rör sig på nätet

This essay examines how specific news stories are updated over time, after the first
version of the news article is published. The study’s result shows that the selected news
stories are updated frequently. All of the selected news stories were updated at least once,
and many of them more often than that. This suggests, in line with previous research,
that the first versions of the news story could be seen as drafts of the final version rather
than a fully completed news article. The study also shows that the selected news stories
were not only updated with new information about the story that was being covered but
also that the news stories often were edited. This highlights the discussion among
scholars about whether the speed in which news stories today are being reported
negatively affects the quality of the journalistic work. This essay also examines how news
stories on the selected news sites front pages moves during the course of one day. The
results show that most news stories disappear completely from the top of the front page.
Moreover, the result also shows that a news story that has a high position on the front
page earlier in the day, probably ranks lower later that day. There where a period of
inactivity during the night, but except from that, news stories where continuously falling
of the front page during the time of the analysis. Consequently, depending on what time
during the day you access the news site, you can be exposed to different news stories and
top news stories.

Jonathan Westerlind
MKV, MKV-Magisteruppsats , vt15
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