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Det interna värdet av Schenkers miljöarbete

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Title Greenlighted employees – The internal value of Schenker’s environmental work. Author David Fridner. Course Master thesis in Science of Media and Communication. Department of Journalism and Mass Communication, University of Gothenburg. Semester Spring semester 2009. Tutor Professor Monika Djerf-Pierre. Number of pages 55 (appendix 23). Aim The aim is to study the internal value of Schenker’s environmental work. Method Qualitative and quantitative method. Material 20 interviews from four workgroups: managers (4), sales (5), customer-services (4) and truck drivers (7). 148 websurveys from two workgroups: sales (106) and customer-services (42). Main result Schenker is perceived as an environmentally friendly enterprise. Much due to the fact that the company’s impact on nature only has little to do with how the staff evaluate its “greenness”. The study reveals a customer oriented organizational culture focused on profitability. The environmental project ought to be designed with that in mind.

David Fridner
MKV, Masteruppsats , vt09
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