Internkommunikation idag och imorgon

En kvalitativ studie av personalens syn på Blå Ställets internkommunikation

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Author: Voula Boura Supervisor: ? Title: Internal communication – today and tomorrow A qualitative study of the internal communication at the culture house Blå Stället Course: C-paper in the continuation course in media – and communication at Journalisthögskolan in Gothenburg, spring 2009 Method: qualitative interviews Aim: The main purpose of this thesis was to investigate how the employees experience the internal communication and to examine the channels they communitace trough between the departments at Blå Stället in Sweden. This task was given by the unit chiefs at the company who’ve seen a need to investigate and improve their internal communication. The goal is therefore also to produce concrete and well-founded proposals on how the internal communication can bee improved at Blå Stället. Relevant Theoretical frame of reference was internal communication, information, communication channels, formal and informal communication. To collect data from employees I made six interviews, one from every department and two informers. My analysis is based on the answears about the area of internal communication. Finally the study resulted in many useful suggestions of how to improve the internal communication by both co-workers and the author. Results: From the results, witch I have analyzed from the main questions shows that the opinionof the employees is that the internal communication function well, even if there are wished of improvements of certain areas. There are some problems with the internal communication between departments Blå Stället’s divisions. Referring to the channels that the employees get information and communicate though is the oral meetings, telephone and email. Based on the result that showed that they employees mostly prefer to communicate by electronic channel and to make the communication effective the author strongly recommend that Blå Stället indroduce intranet where all personal can find the information they seek.

Voula Boura
MKV, Examensarbete , vt09
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