Non-conscious Attitudes

a study of young people’s attitudes towards productplacement

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Title: Non-conscious Attitudes – a study of young people’s attitudes towards product placement Author: Sissel Hedqvist Course: Term Paper in Media- and Communications Studies Term: Spring Term 2012 Supervisor: Marie Grusell Word count: 23 334 Objective: to find out young people in Sweden’s attitudes towards product placement in film and television series Method: Qualitative in-depth interviews Main result: The research shows that product placement is not a subject that is in the forefront of the respondents’ mind. They are aware of its existence but do not give it much thought, nor is it a subject that they discuss at length with anybody. However, they do see product placement as a necessary tool for the promotion of brands and products. They believe that it is a preferable method compared to traditional advertising, in particular television advertising in some instances. This is mainly the case for products or brands that the respondents have a personal relationship with. The brands that they have a relationship with are also the ones that are most frequently noticed by the respondents. Having said that, the product placement needs to be well integrated into the storyline in order for it to be seen as a positive way of promotion. It will have the opposite effect if the product placement is too noticeable.

Sissel Hedqvist
MKV, Masteruppsats , vt12
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