Onödig kunskap eller betydande grund?

En studie om användningen av akademiska kunskaper inom det journalistiska yrket

The world is changing. It always will. Just like movement it won’t change direction unless a force, of some kind, will participait and change it. Just like Newton describes in his first law.

The purpose of this thesis is to examine how important an education within journalism is
relevant to both editors and journalists, but also to which degree the journalists of today
utilizes the knowledge from having an academic education against a non-academic type of

According to the fact that our world and society is aiming towards improvement, this essay
will describe briefly how the education started, developed in the beginning and clarify how it
looks like in today’s situation.

Research according to the results from previous essays and thesis have been conducted. Mostly written by former students from the University of
journalism, but also by scientists within this topic. From this former research, following
theories has been assigned: The professionalization of the career, the democracy due to the
institute of journalism and the theory of different types of doxa due to social closure.

The method performed to accomplish this essay, is a meticulous investigation that has been
conducted during this last couple of months. Swedish journalists have participated in a survey
regarding whether they find the academicals useful in their daily work assignments. Also, a
survey has been dedicated to Swedish editors to investigate the importance of different types
of educations according to these.

The results that this thesis has brought are the fact that, in the eyes of an editor, an education
is important, but to have an academical one is less important. Due to the journalist’s
thoughts, the relevans is lower. They prefer to learn in form of practice and work.

Amanda Holmius Holmlund
Journalist, Journalistikgranskning , ht20
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