På lur i etern

Sverigedemokrater och slöjor i Ring P1

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På lur i etern studies the debate on immigrants and other cultures in the call-in radio programme Ring P1. We investigate and problematize public discourse in a programme where anyone can take part. What characterizes the debate about immigrants and other cultures, and how do the moderators handle it? Our questions thus work on two levels: The debate: How much time does talk about immigrants and other cultures take up in the program? What subjects are brought up by the callers and how do they argue around them? The dynamics of conversation: How do the moderators act in conversations? What are the consequences of different moderators´strategies? Are there limits for what can be said and, in that case, what do these limits look like?

Sandra Barcella,Sanna Jansson,Marie Wenger
Journalist, Journalistikgranskning , ht09
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