Palestinian Freelance Journalists

self-censorship, customers and role in society

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Title: Palestinian freelance journalists – self-censorship, customers and role in society Number of pages: 67 Authors: Linnea Fridh and Jens Wingren Mentor: Gabriella Sandstig Course: Bachelor thesis, Journalism studies Period: Spring 2015 University: Faculty of Journalism, Media and Communication (JMG) University of Gothenburg Purpose/ Aim: The aim of the study is to map and analyse the working conditions, possibilities and limitations of Palestinian freelance journalists.. Main results: By analysing the answers of our respondents we have concluded that the main possibility with the working conditions of Palestinian freelance journalists is their flexibility. As long as they are financially safe (for example from working another job) they can be more straightforward and uncompromising in their journalism. Freelance journalists are however limited by the financial scarcity of the Palestinian media that don’t pay them enough and offer lacking support. Feeling excluded from the union is also something that specifically affects the freelance journalists and might make them feel more vulnerable. There is therefore a slight paradox inherent in the situation of the Palestinian freelancer: they have the opportunity to do good and critical journalism, but only if they can support themselves financially in some other way. Another finding of this study is that freelance journalists may alter their implications of professional ideals such as objectivity and neutrality when they work with foreign news desks. Working with this kind of customers also provides a way of expressing oneself with less fear of repercussions from differing factors in Palestinian society that might want to silence dissent.

Linnéa Fridh och Jens Wingren (Engelbrektsson)
Journalist, Journalistikgranskning , vt15
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