The Role of Customer Magazines

Customers´ perceptions of the Volvo Trucks Customer Magazine

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Title The Role of Customer Magazines – Customers’ perceptions of the Volvo Trucks Customer Magazine Author Veronica Nyblom Course Bachelor thesis in Media and Communication studies Semester Spring semester 2010 Supervisor Jan Strid University University of Gothenburg Aim The purpose of this study is to investigate how the readers perceive the Volvo Trucks customer magazine, and if these perceptions correspond with the magazine objectives Method Qualitative interviews Material Four conducted telephone interviews with customers from South Africa, Saudi Arabia and Argentina Main results The main results of this research study show that the general perception of the customer magazine is positive, and that the image of Volvo Trucks as a technically driven company should be further emphasized throughout the magazine. Furthermore, the consensus among the respondents indicates that the interpretation and perception of the magazine is primarily derived from the respondents’ professional job role, rather than being influenced by individual or cultural norms and values. Conclusions Publishing customer magazines has been a way for Volvo Trucks to establish and obtain fruitful and strong relationships with their customers, but how the magazine is perceived by the readers has up until today been unknown to the organization. Gaining knowledge of the role the customer magazines play as an information source, providing advice and entertainment, is of great significance to Volvo Trucks in their ongoing efforts to develop constructive communication strategies. Acknowledging the outcome of this research, Volvo Trucks will have a better understanding of how to create content and messages that correlate with the preferences of the intended target groups. Managing this, would consequently strengthen the relationship between Volvo Trucks and their customers, ultimately resulting in achieving the overall customer magazine purpose of reinforcing the brand and supporting the business of Volvo Trucks.

Veronica Nyblom
MKV, Examensarbete , vt10
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