Hur stor makt har publiken?

En kvalitativ studie om journalisters nyhetsvärdering och nyhetsurval i förhållande till statistik och klick inom Sveriges Radio.

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This study investigates how journalists, working at public service, are affected by clicks and statistics when they implement their professional news judgement. Today, tracking
the online audience allows journalists to see what kind of news the audience discuss on social media and what news they read or listen to at the medias website.

Theories about news judgement, media logic and gatekeeping has been central for this research paper.

In order to investigate the subject of matter quality interviews with journalist working at Sveriges Radio were carried out.

A total of 11 interviews were implemented showing that clicks and statistics do affect journalists in ways of presenting news on the webb. When comparing this study to recent science of news judgement both similarities and differences were found, but a main result was that journalists working at public service did mainly use statistics to evaluate how the presentation was recieved by the audience and how it could be done even better. When they valued news the statistics had some impact according to some journalists, but mainly when publishing on the web, and in general the statistics did not play a big part in their every day news judgement.

Jennie Ölund
Journalist, Journalistikgranskning , vt18
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