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The aim of this paper is to examine what ideals in journalism a young audience prefer: a more opinionated journalism or a more objective journalism? The main purpose is not to get a final result of what the majority of the audience would choose but more importantly why they would prefer one genre over the other. We want to get an idea of what arguments they
have regarding if the future of journalism should be more or less opinionated.

The method used in this paper is a qualitative study using a survey and a focus group conversation. The respondents consist of eighteen third grade high school students studying media. Their opinions have been analysed using theories such as the method of identification.

In this paper we have used the Uses and Gradifications theory to understand how and why people choose actively certain media to satisfy their needs. We have also used the Social Identity theory which discusses that our behaviors and our attitudes tends to get affected by other people when we are in a group. The theory states that the groups attitudes and norms affects the individual even in other contexts outside the group.

The results show that the respondents had different arguments but that the majority of these, although most based on different reasons, were negative towards opinionated journalism. The majority of the respondents articulated that they do not trust opinionated journalism as much as objective journalism. Furthermore the respondents would prefer a future media with less opinionated journalism.

Moa Alfredsson och Bodil Hjelm
Journalist, Journalistikgranskning , vt18
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